Interview – Keith Mina Caputo


You announced this year that you will be changing your gender from male to female. I don’t have any intentions to ask about your private life, but I thought it could be interesting to hear your opinion on of the thoughts that I have on sexes, for which I think all of my men friends might be willing to linch me. It is considered, that men rule the world, but would you agree with me, that it’s not really true and actually men are the weaker sex? That‘s what I think and that is me, a heterosexual male saying that.



I believe, that men are deceitful. I believe in women. In the full spectrum the universe to me is female. It creates. Universe is the god, but other people need to believe in Jesus Christ or Buddha and so on. They put these male images out there and to me that’s false. I believe, that the woman is the stronger species. Men don’t rule the world, women do. Men just can’t admit that, that’s why that slogan is so strong. Women create the world. Men have been and are destroying the world. There’s war because of men. There’s greed because of men. Maybe I’m a little bit of feminist, because I’m a lesbian. I know it it’s a little bit strange, but I consider myself a lesbian, because I love the company of women. Just because I’m transgender or my brain operates as female it doesn’t mean I want to sleep with men. I love women, I’ve had girfriends all my life, so I consider myslef to be a lesbian. You know, sexuality and gender are two complately different things. I was born a man, but I’ll die a woman. My brain is female. My soul is female. My heart, my core is female. I’m a feminie creature. Ever since I was a child I wanted to do everything girls did. I didn’t like anything about being man. I didn’t like any other man in my family. They were all so chauvinistic. I don’t relate to anything male now.

So how did you feel in the environment, that was associated with the New York hardocore lifestyle? Life Of Agony was never a typical NYHC band, but then LOA was placed in or around that genre, which is characteristic of a very male, physical presence and behavior. How did it feel for you to be there?

It was uncomortable. I pretended. I wore a mask. I was real with the lyrics, that I sang and when I was on stage. When the aggressive spirit took over and in my mind I was dancing around the fire and going all wild I could block out everytihng around me. I think it worked, because I was different. People who didn’t understand what LOA was doing back then blamed it on me, because they thought maybe I was homosexual. Deep down inside I knew I was transgender, but I was too afraid to share that part of my life with the public. I didn’t want to share everytihng, that I was with the public. I wanted something for me. When you‘re always in the eyes of the public, people think they own you.

So now as it’s publicaly known do you sometimes get impression, that people, who come to your solo shows now, they’re maybe not uncomfortable, but would say they are not sure know what to expect?

Yes, not always, but there are people like that. I played in Berlin the other night and my friend, who came to the show was saying to me later, that there were people there saying like “oh he’s really great, oh she’s really great, oh it’s really great”. I was wearing like tank-top and I had my bra and it was a bit out and I had more make-up on. But there’s more to being a woman, that just dressing up, it’s much more than that. Besides if I was genetic woman, I’d probably be like that, more a jeans and T-shirt girl. I don’t want to dress up in these extravagant dresses like for a wedding. That’s totally not me and that’s totally not what being a girl is about. And people are just silly, you know. Even girls. I think I get more love from men, than girls, because girls are catty.

I think on the street women look after elegant or dressed up woman way more often than the men do.

Yes, they look at what other women wear, because they are more catty. Women, if they admit it or not, they like to be acknowledged.

I haven’t been around you, but I get the feeling, that majority of the respose to your decision and annoucment has been positive, is it like that?

Yes, it’s been positive. My band and everyone, they’re trying really hard. They call me Mina and they call me “she”. If they mess up and they call me Keith or “he” they‘re sorry, but its ok. I don’t care if someone messes up pronouns. Just the fact, that someone’s trying is special to me, because it means people are respecting how I perceive myself. That’s important. There’s a lot of positivity around me. I even get mails saying like “Hey Mina or Keith, I don’t really understand what you’re doing, but I’ve loved you for 20 years and I will always love you no matter what you want to wear”. People think being transgender it’s about wearing dress, high-heels or lipstick, but it’s way deeper than that. It’s more than just physical. There is physical part in to, but it begins and ends in the way my whole universe operates. It’s an identity thing.

This is my last question. There is a lot of love in your songs, lyrics, in your art. Do you think, that love is the most important thing in life?

Now I do.

Now? What has changed and why didn’t you think so before?

I felt in love a couple of times before, you know. But I have this girlfriend now and I have never experienced love the way I do now with this person. It’s so… so real. She’s so…. (Mina pauses, her voice is sligthly trembling). I never thought, that I’d experience this fire for somebody the way I do with this person. She taught me more about love than any person in my life before, because she’s so pure. She’s so gorgeous and smart. I really feel I found somebody, that I can finally trust. She loves me for me, not because I’m famous or whatever. She loves the fact, that I’m really a woman. She never calls me Keith, she always knew me as Mina, because when I first met her I outed myself to her right away. She understand this sensitivity and intimacy thing. She’s my real friend and she really loves me and I never had that. I’ve had girlfriends and I never had secrets with my lovers, they knew about my feminity, but there was always this sense, that they were threatened by my feminity and didn’t really love me for who I really was. She really embraced it and gave me the strength not to care about what people think. I’m loving someone in a way, that I’ve never ever experienced before. Maybe because I’m finally psychologically happy with myself and I can finally love someone, because I love myself now.

I think that’s the order of love that is often forgotten. I get the feeling, that some people want to love themselves through the love of other person, but it doesn’t really work that way. Love creates gravity. If you love yourself, then it will come to you.  By the way, you got emotional when talking about your girlfriend…

I get emotional, because I love her. It’s heavy….  It’s heavy… (Mina’s voice is lowering to a whipser) I love her so much…

Can I ask what is her name?


You said she’s Austrian. You‘re going to Austria after shows in Poland, right?

(smile) 2 more days. I can’t wait, because I haven’t see her since beginning of August. We have a hard relationship, but we will get through this.

Beautiful ending to very interesting conversation. Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Interviewer: Chris Bienkiewicz

Keith Mina Caputo – Got monsters

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